Rev. Mark Herrick, Ph. D.

Pastor Herrick has spent most of his life involved in one form or another of trauma management, utilizing an ever-growing array of tools for diminishing strife and promoting healing. Through a career as a police patrol officer, years as a court advocate for abused and delinquent juveniles, training in hospital chaplaincy, and training in mediation, he has worked to meld tools of physical immediacy with application of Scriptural wisdom. Scripture teaches those with ears to hear, and does so on multiple levels. From the simple passages in Proverbs, to esoteric workings of Holy Spirit, healing and peace are always available to those who wish to grow in the Word.

Trauma has no shelf life. Whether suffering from an assault last night or abuse from forty years ago, human beings suffer. Christians know that the most basic trauma is caused by simply being born into a fallen world. Jesus came to bring “life, and that more abundantly.” Scripture teaches how to access the power and wisdom that produces that abundant life. To teach this wisdom and to comfort those who have been hurt is at the heart of Herrick’s pastoral call.

Scripture teaches that “all have fallen short”. This is true of all humanity. While many are actively suffering, many others try to be comforted by pursuit of material stability, whether emotional, financial or otherwise. For all of us, Scripture continues to hold out conviction and depth for any who wish to come closer to the Scripturally abundant life.

Pastor Herrick is a native of Marlboro, VT, where he lives with wife Alice, three dogs and two horses.

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